Nûby™ Sea Scooper Whale Pail™ Review and Giveaway!

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This Nûby™ whale is so much more than a place to store bath toys! It's been a very hungry shark, a flying dolphin, a submarine, but the cutest, and most photo-worthy adventure, was Nûby™ Sea Scooper staring in our house as...

Nûby™ Sea Scooper Whale Pail comes with an easy-to-install wall mount. When your kids are done playing, it's very exciting to have the hungry whale swoop down and eat all their toys to be placed on the side of the tub for the next bath time! Organized and cute! There are several holes and vents on the whale, so the toys dry quickly so there is no standing water and no mildew forms!
Easy clean up: we recommend just spraying it with vinegar water once a week and wipe down. And of course, it's BPA free!

Skarlette absolutely loves this bath toy!

Photo does not belong to DGSays

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For the most exciting part! Nûby™ is giving away one of these awesome whales to one of my readers!  Enter for you, or a special child in your life! They will love it!


  1. This toy would be for my brand new niece who hasn't made her appearance in this world yet she is due in 8 more weeks.....It will be a while before she use it but at least she will have a great bath toy for when she get old enough to use it..

    1. Awe! Congrats on your new baby niece! How exciting! :)

  2. If I won this toy it would be for my 3 kids and their mass amount of bath toys! =D

  3. This would be a gift..niece, nephew, future grandbaby..hmn..