India Tree® - Night In Baking With My Friends!

Where inappropriate jokes are shared and the calories don't matter...

When friends get together and bake, something magical happens. Smiles are had, good food is eaten, and new inside jokes and memories are created. 
It doesn't happen often enough with our busy lives, and I can't wait for this to become something we all do regularly. Alternating houses of course! (Sorry about your poor carpet and counters Loni!) 

Getting my collection of goods from India Tree® set off this budding tradition. I was so lucky to have been chosen to review some of their amazing products. I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep it to myself, so I recruited my friends. Everyone was impressed with the products, and keep coming up with more ideas of what to use them for!  

India Tree® Mulling Spices! Check them out!

Araya did an amazing job with creating bathtub paints from India Tree's Nature's Colors Decorating Set. These turned out so awesome, I created a blog just for them. If you missed it, you can check out the details here! I highly recommend these colors if you have sensitivity to artificial dyes and colors as these are made from nature. Beets, for example, are what gives the red it's beautiful color!

The Dark and Light Muscovado Sugars had me SUPER intrigued. And I'm ashamed to admit I could have taken a spoon to either of these sugars!

The India Tree® website describes the Dark Muscovado Sugar as "a fine, moist texture, a high molasses content and a strong, lingering flavor that goes well with other rich flavors such as gingerbread, coffee, chocolate cakes and fudge. Use INDIA TREE Dark Muscovado Sugar in recipes calling for dark brown sugar"
They aren't kidding when they say this sugar has a STRONG molasses flavor. It was very surprising and the quality of this sugar is apparent upon first taste. While other brown sugars are incredibly sweet, this sugar is full of FLAVOR.

The Light Muscovado Sugar is also incredibly flavorful, but not quite as strong! The website says, it "is a fine, subtle and versatile molasses sugar. With its rich aroma and delicate flavor, it is a superior substitute in any recipe calling for light brown sugar" Store bought light brown sugar has NOTHING on this sugar! SUPERIOR is quite the perfect word for this product.


Sweet Potato Cheesecake made with India Tree® Dark Muscovado Sugar

Recipe for Cheesecake HERE!

I'm convinced using the torch was my favorite part of making this cheesecake and will invest in one! (This one was a friend's!)


Kahlua Cake Pops made with India Tree® decorating kit. Beautiful colors work perfectly for your project without the artificial stuff!

Recipe for Kahlua Cake Balls HERE!
How to: 

1.) Make Cake Balls and freeze
2.) Pipe melted chocolate onto parchment paper into the shape of a "hand" for turkey feathers.
3.) Dip frozen cake balls in chocolate
4.) Add candy googly eyes, make your own eyes, use candy pearls and dot with more chocolate.
5.) Pipe colors onto feather and beak.
6.) Let harden, remove, Eat!  


Pumpkin Cake cookies made with India Tree® Light Muscovado Sugar!

Get the recipe HERE!

For a prettier cookie, Pipe on frosting. We were in a hurry! :)


Thanks for reading!

Set up a time to bake with your friends! 

You won't regret it!

---------D.G. Says---------

Special thanks to my wonderful friends who stayed up super late with me to do this bake off! Left to Right: Sandi, Loni, (Me), & Araya. <3

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  1. Was a awesome little adventure trying out these products. =-) So happy I could help make and EAT these yummy treats!!!