Read this if you've been wondering about Comforts For Baby: An HONEST review.

As a BzzAgent on, I get to try many great products for free, or highly discounted, to review and let the companies know what I think. As an honest blogger, I'm going to keep this honest, honestly!
Anyone can sign up for the program! It's a lot of fun and I've gotten all kinds of great stuff, both new and established brands, to try. You can find these guys to sign up or just scope them out here:

I was excited to receive the Comforts For Baby BzzCampaign. I'm a frequent shopper at Fred Meyer (Kroger Brand) and had never tried the Comforts For Baby line. This was a great opportunity to feed mine, and my husband's, curiosity!

I received coupons for free: diapers, wipes, lotion, shampoo, body wash, and a bib or wash cloths. I was, unfortunately, unable to locate the bibs or wash cloths and any of our Kroger Co. Family of Stores to test.

You can read all about Comforts For Baby here, or connect with them and other Comforts for Babies mom and dads on Facebook here. Or at their community page here. It was great learning that a very affordable brand was available to my family that was gentle and mild, used natural and renewable materials, and has been tested by dermatologists and pediatricians.

The loot!
First things first- the diapers! I chose the Comforts for Baby: Touch of Nature to review. According to their website these diapers are chlorine-free so they create less air and water pollution than many of the leading brands.

The diapers featured very cute designs that my daughter was immediately attracted to. Putting the diaper on was a little confusing. The diaper has extra tabs that I wasn't used to with my current diapers. While the diapers absorbed well and we didn't have any leaks, my main concern with these was the comfort level. The outside seemed a bit rough to the touch, probably due to the natural and renewable materials used. Skarlette didn't seem to care, but I worry about extended use and friction with these diapers. The fit seemed a bit loose on her thin legs. On a thicker-legged child, these would probably fit much better.

The wipes were listed as compare to: Huggies brand which is the brand of wipes I currently use so I was able to do a very good comparison. I really like the product packaging. It was easy to use and each wipe popped up after the last was removed. This was a great feature to have! The wipes worked great,  and held up very well, but the Huggies brand is still softer than the Comforts for Baby brand of wipes.

We tried the Comforts for Baby: Baby Shampoo and Baby Wash and were very satisfied with the products. They had a very light scent and didn't irritate her eyes. The products were very clearly labeled: "PARABEN FREE, Mild, Hypoallergenic, Tear Free, Dermatologist & Allergy tested." Skarlette did get the shampoo in her eyes, and didn't complain or get red-eyed at all. The shampoo worked up to a great lather and got her hair squeaky clean!

Comforts for Baby Mohawk!
Our absolute favorite of all the Comforts for Baby brand items we tried was the Night-time Baby Lotion.  Our family isn't a fan of the typical "baby powder smell" that seems to be in almost all baby products. The smell of the Night-Time Baby Lotion was very pleasant. Also PARABEN FREE, Pediatrician Tested and hypoallergenic, the smells of Lavender and Chamomile relaxed Skarlette and left both my husband and I wanting to cuddle her even more than usual! This lotion will most definitely be added to our nighttime bath routine and will replace our previous brand of baby lotion.

At the end of the day, I will keep most of my current brands of baby products. However,  if you are looking for a product that is delicate on your children's skin, for a VERY affordable price- Comforts for Baby would be an excellent option for you to try!

You can download coupons to try the brand from your local Kroger Co. Family of Stores here! Thanks for reading!


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