Homemade Dishwashing Detergent

No way. 
Absolutely NOT. 

There is no way something homemade can compete with my petite, individually-wrapped, blue and red tabs of simplicity. After all, these have been perfected. They are beautiful. They are fun! They are EASY.


The recipe! Double, Triple, Quadruple to your heart's content!

Also added two dots of BLUE DAWN® DISH SOAP in dispenser (pre-wash & main wash):

The test: A full load of dishes, plus two extra gross ones.

Sticky Carrot Cake Mess

Homemade Maple Syrup- left on all morning/afternoon

Nice and Clean!

I think it's even more shiny than before!
Plus a dishwasher full of clean dishes!

I still haven't run out of my Jet Dry® yet... but I'll be trying plain white vinegar when I do!

I'm impressed! Now check out my savings!!


Individual tabs:
20 tabs =$6.97 (local grocery store) 

Cost per load: 35 cents per load

$127.75 year


Borax: $3.38 for 4lbs (76oz) (TARGET®) 9.5 cups <.36 a cup>
Arm & Hammer Washing Soda: 3.4lbs (55 oz) $2.19 (FRED MEYER®) 6.875 cups <.32 a cup)
Citric Acid : $11.20 1 lb (AMAZON®) 4.75cups  <2.36 a cup>
Salt (I used Epsom): $7.00 12lbs (COSTCO®) 21 cups <.33 a cup>
Blue Dawn: $12.58 gallon (COSTCO®)

Cost per recipe:
Borax .18
Washing Soda  .48
Citric Acid .59
Salt .08

$1.33 per recipe

.13 cents a load
$46.80 year
Savings: $80.95/year
And I will keep looking for ways to get this stuff cheaper including COUPONS! :) 

Thanks for reading! ---D.G. Says


  1. Two days ago I made up this little recipe. I was skeptical, so the first load I rinsing them very well.(in a way to use the dishwasher as a sanitize verse a actual dishwasher). I considered this my "spot challenge." NO SPOTS! Last night we had a little gathering and went through a BUNCH of dishes. I put the dishes in after just scraping off the plates. We had a casserole so there was cheese and sauce everywhere! The came out perfect! This stuff really does work great! All my dishes turned out squeaky clean and spot free.
    Thanks for posting!!!

    1. Glad this worked out for you Araya! :)