, Seattle & Kahlúa Espresso Martini: PART ONE!

Thanks to & Kahlúa,I got to spend some time in Seattle to have the experience of a lifetime! Working with these two companies to create videos for was an absolute blast! (Not to mention fun to brag about! *big grin*) 

Seattle is always an adventure for my family. We are only an hour north of Downtown, so a day trip is always easy-peasy! We absolutley love Pike Place Market and it's abundance of fresh, local product. We particularly enjoy taking our daughter to the peer and letting her walk around the Seattle Aquarium! This is one of her favorite places to be. In fact, "fish" was Skarlette's first word, all because of a trip to the Seattle Aquarium!

My job was to work with the team to help create the Kahlúa Espresso Martini video. The video was shot in three stages: "video", "the interview", and "the voice over." I would have to say that "the interview" portion was the most nerve racking, but the awesome personalities around me kept me at ease! Thanks guys! I cannot wait to see and share these awesome videos!

The seasonal flavors of Kahlúa are fantastic! I've personally gotten to try Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread in addition to the Original. Pumpkin Spice would be my favorite of all the Kahlúa flavors! This wouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows me personally! be continued.

Photo from Kahlúa webite

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*** A Special thanks to my new friend & Co-AllStar Product Ambassador Wilnellys Estremera-Montenegro for the great photos! You are awesome!***

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